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Designer and jeweller Nicola Markus has worked as a scientist, writer and conservationist during

a career led by her passion for the natural environment.


Over the past fifteen years, she has been a senior manager with WWF Australia and Bush Heritage

Australia and has also worked as a freelance consultant and writer. She has written two books as well as many articles and continues to be involved in conservation and sustainability in a number

of guises.


Nicki's work as a jeweller is strongly influenced by her love of nature and organic shapes. Her enthusiasm for jewellery and design continues a tradition that originated with her grandfather,

a German master jeweller who passed away before Nicki was born, leaving her a pair of earrings and his artisan genes.  


Her current work focuses on combinations of silver, leather and semi-precious stones, and her

aim is to create pieces that are elegant and easy to wear and will endure over time.

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